Behind the Curtain Q&A: Property Designer Lynda Kwallek

LyndaWith the start of a new MainStage season, we want to showcase the people behind the Rep stage in a series called “Behind the Curtain.” This weekly Q&A series will highlight staff members who keep the Arkansas Repertory Theatre running on a daily basis.

With Memphis starting next week, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight someone who knows a thing or two about all of the props onstage: Property Designer Lynda Kwallek.

Here is what she to say about her prop experience here at The Rep:

How long you have worked at The Rep: 8 years

Education/training: Bachelor of Fine Arts at Kent State and a Master of Fine Arts degree at Illinois State

How’d you get into the theatre biz:  I signed up for a class.  The slogan on the theatre table was ‘Theatre part time – Full time for a good time.’ I was 19 and it sounded good. I had always been interested in theatre; the slogan just gave me the chance to check out the theatre.

Why your job rocks:  I love finding that special prop, especially the one nobody expects me to find – the prop on the list that is nearly impossible.  I truly enjoy getting out shopping and meeting the vendors.

Best work day ever:  Every opening night is special. Very few people have a job that starts with a piece of literature and is collaborative with other often exceptional people.  The process culminates in a party.  It is a delight to see everyone at the openings. We meet so many creative, smart, well-read, non-judgmental people.

Favorite Rep show you’ve worked on and why:  I loved Clybourne Park last season.  The subject matter was a stretch for our theatre and our audience loved it. The cast did exceptional work on it. Another favorite show was 39 Steps – so wacky. Avenue Q was another favorite – such a positive message in the show. Loved Les Miserables both times and Full Monty was a great experience.

One thing people would be surprised about your job:  That we produce our shows here at the theatre. I have had people ask me where we bought certain things. It is a pleasure to say we built it for the show.

Favorite seat in the house:  Center on the 1st mezzanine

Best job perk:  Shopping – I find so many unusual things out looking for show props.  My apartment is an eclectic mixture. Often, a guest’s first comment is ‘so this is what a prop person’s home looks like.’  I love surrounding myself with the old stuff I find and it is often a bargain price.

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Learn a little more about Lynda here.