Clinton School Speaker Series with the cast of Henry V

Clinton School of Public Service Distinguished Speaker Series

Thursday, Sept. 6 | 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Clinton School of Public Service, 1200 President Clinton Avenue

This Thursday, join Rep Producing Artistic Director and Henry V director Bob Hupp as he hosts Avery Clark (Henry V), Nikki Coble (Princess Katherine), D.C. Wright (Fight Director) and Mitch Tebo (Archbishop of Canterbury ) from The Rep’s upcoming production of Henry V for a panel discussion on one of Shakespeare’s most famous history plays.

Call the Clinton School at (501) 683-5239 for reservations.

Soldier, Hooligan, Hero: Henry V

At the time of his death in 1422, King Henry V of England had been a serious soldier and a hopeless hooligan, a model of piety and a maker of history, an ambitious king and a beloved hero. He was only 35 years old.

Henry V was the second English monarch who came from the House of Lancaster. After his father’s death in 1413, he rapidly assumed control of the country and embarked on an ambitious expedition to claim his right to the French throne.

Avery Clark as King Henry V.

His military successes in the Hundred Years’ War and his famous victory at the Battle of Agincourt led Henry V close to conquering France. After a peace treaty was negotiated between England and France during the Hundred Years’ War, King Charles acknowledged Henry V as his heir. Henry was subsequently married to Charles’ daughter, Katherine of Valois.

Katherine of Valois was the daughter of King Charles VI of France and his wife Isabelle of Bavaria. After marrying Henry at Troyes Cathedral in 1420, Katherine went to England with her new husband and was crowned queen in Westminster Abbey.

Nikki Coble as Katherine of Valois.

In June 1421, Henry returned to France to continue his military campaigns. Katherine gave birth to Prince Henry later the same year. Sadly, the boy and his father would never see each other. During the siege of Meaux, Henry V contracted dysentery and died on August 31, 1422.

Before she was 21, Katherine was a widow and the Dowager Queen of England. Three years after the death of Henry V, she remarried and had a son who would become the father of the first Tudor king, Henry VII.

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Advance Tickets to Henry V are on sale through Sept. 7 and can be purchased here. The production opens in two weeks.

Photography by Justin Bolle, ThinkDero Photography. Avery Clark as King Henry V. Nikki Coble as Princess Katherine. © Copyright 2012 Arkansas Repertory Theatre. All rights reserved.