Behind the Curtain Q&A: Box Office Assistant Bailey Lamb

With the start of a new MainStage season, we want to showcase the people behind the Rep stage in a series called “Behind the Curtain.” This weekly Q&A series will highlight staff members who keep the Arkansas Repertory Theatre running on a daily basis.

Chances are if you’ve purchased a ticket and picked it up at the Box Office, you met Box Office Assistant Bailey IMG_20140730_112811_208Lamb!

Here is she had to say about her theatre experience here at The Rep:

When did you start working at The Rep: More than  2 years– My Repaversary (yes, I did come up with that word) was Sept 5, 2012.

Education/training: I started going to college for a degree in dance performance, but school made me very unhappy, so I went in search for something that did make me happy.

How’d you get into the theatre biz:I started in the SMTI program, but I’ve been dancing and singing since I started walking. So, naturally I was attracted to musical theatre.

Why your job rocks: I get to work with Haley and Jeff!! They are the best coworkers/bosses ever, and Haley is my best friend. The first time we met, we got into a shirt together! I guess that’s why I love my job so much. We always have so much fun in the box office. I just love the atmosphere and the people!

Best work day ever: Any day when all three of us are down here in the box office together is the best work day.

Favorite Rep show you’ve worked on and why: It’s a toss-up between Avenue Q and Les Miserables. Avenue Q because it was such a fun show (I saw it 5 times!) and it brought so many new faces into the theatre, including young people who were just excited about theatre. Les Miserables because I got to be in the cast!! It was my first professional contract and the rest of the cast was so amazing.

One thing people would be surprised about your job: I know I’ve said it a lot, but how much fun we have!!

Favorite seat in the house: 1st Mezzanine Row BB Seat 15

Best job perk: We get exposed to some of the best theatre and the best people in central Arkansas. I have seen beautiful and meaningful art in person and made some of the best friends. This place is so special and magical! It is somehow still one of the best-kept secrets in Little Rock, but I think everyone should know how awesome the Rep is!

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