Theatre Thursday: The Rep’s Living Quarters

626The Arkansas Repertory Theatre, located in the heart of downtown Little Rock on Main Street, is a unique building steeped in almost 40 years of theatrical history.

We’re starting another weekly series where we highlight a different aspect of The Rep theatre called Theatre Thursday.

On site, you’ll find everything from a prop shop, costume shop and a second stage to a sprawling lounge, tons of storage space and workspace for our set and prop designers. And while the theatre is a hubbub of activity on a daily basis, The Rep also has spaces elsewhere.

This includes a scenic construction facility on South State Street, a new education building in the works across the street and two spaces you might not know of: two apartments to house interns and visiting actors and creative teams for our MainStage productions.

Here are a few interesting tidbits about our apartment buildings you might not know:

622625Peachtree Apartments, East Sixth Street

  • There are 16 units on two floors that house visiting cast and creative teams for each MainStage production.
  • Each unit features a kitchenette, TV, one bedroom and one bathroom
  • There is a small lending library located on the first floor
  • It was fully renovated in 2007
  • It has been owned by the Arkansas Repertory Theatre since the 1980s
  • More than 180 actors and artists from out of town stay in the living quarters throughout the MainStage Season during rehearsals and the show’s run.

 Ivy Apartments, East Sixth Street

  • There are three units
  • Seasonal interns occupy the small building

Check back every Thursday to get a behind the scenes look at all-things Rep!

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