All About Giving: Words From Fran Carter

I grew up sitting in the audience at The Rep. My parents started bringing me when I was young, and I got my own season tickets when I got my first grown-up job in Little Rock. Sometimes a night at The Rep is a night out with friends and sometimes it’s date night, but it’s always an entertaining experience that leaves me wanting more. I especially like having a subscription, because I get to travel with The Rep’s artistic team through each season. I laugh, I cry, I am drawn into different worlds created by a variety of playwrights, brought to life by the actors and creative team, for me, on The Rep’s stage.

Fran Carter is The Rep's Director of Development.

Fran Carter is The Rep’s Director of Development.

Now I’m no longer just an audience member. The Rep is my office, and I watch all the months of preparation that go into every production. I meet the actors and designers when they arrive in Little Rock. I sit in the back of the auditorium to watch a few minutes of rehearsal. I hear feedback from friends in the lobby when they’ve seen something great on our stage. I talk with audience members of all ages and backgrounds when I’m here before a show, or during intermission. I visit with people regularly who tell me how long they’ve been attending plays at The Rep, and I meet young people coming to see a student matinee for the very first time. I bring my 12-year-old daughter to The Rep, and then we discuss all kinds of topics, conversations prompted by what she saw on our stage.

But my favorite thing about working at The Rep is getting to know our donors. Many people love Arkansas Repertory Theatre with their whole heart. I am impressed by what a generous state Arkansas is. Our friends and neighbors in this state will go out of their way to help someone in need. But it’s incredibly fulfilling to see how many people also see the value that the arts play in our lives. With the support of many donors, at every level, The Rep entertains, educates and inspires Arkansans each and every day.

Please join me in supporting The Rep with your whole heart. Buy your tickets, make a donation, and come see us often. I’ll be in the lobby – stop by and tell me what you love about The Rep!

Become a subscriber here and donate here!

Fran Carter is the Director of Development at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.

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