Adoption Spotlight: Warm Hearts Humane Society of Montgomery County

The Warm Hearts Humane Society was founded in 1986 by Earlene “Tots” Summit, a local resident who saw and stepped up to the need for an organization dedicated to helping the animals in Montgomery County, Arkansas. She established Warm Hearts as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service.


We are a multi-breed rescue organization of about 15 volunteers.  We average about 30 to 50 animals in our foster program at any point in time. We are a shelter-less organization; volunteers foster animals in their homes. We have no paid employees.

We are dedicated to ending the homeless pet problem in our county.  In 2012, we worked toward that end by spaying and neutering 142 companion animals for families in our county who could not afford this service. We fostered and re-homed 105 animals who had been abandoned.


Warm Hearts is also committed to working with our community in other ways.  We provided pet oxygen masks to 6 volunteer fire departments in our county.

We also collected baby blankets and diapers for patrons of two of our local food pantries.

One of our most successful programs has been to provide spay/neuter vouchers to patrons of the food pantry.  The cost of a spay/neuter is simply beyond their budget.  By teaming up with the food pantry, we have significantly reduced the number of unwanted litters in our county.

Take a look at our video.  It tells you more about our Warm Hearts Humane Society.

You can also find Warm Hearts Humane Society on Facebook, so click this link and check us out there (and “like” us if you wish).

Adoption Spotlight: Out of the Woods Animal Rescue of Arkansas

HuckleberryOut of the Woods Animal Rescue of Arkansas was founded in 2007 to establish a different kind of rescue. Primarily, we “Help People Who Help Animals”.  Our mission is to help those people who find and take in stray, abandoned and homeless animals. We assist these rescuers in a supportive way, often paying for the vetting, which always includes spay or neuter, and when needed, providing food and medications. We list the dogs and cats on multiple websites and provide opportunities for them to be shown at adoption events, until the foster pet is adopted into a loving, forever home. We have placed over 1800 animals since our inception, a number we are extremely proud of and have assisted many more.


Out of the Woods is 100% volunteer based, a 501 c-3 nonprofit and every animal we take into our program is cared for in a loving foster home until a permanent home is found.  Every cent donated to Out of the Woods goes directly to our animals as we have no shelter and no paid employees.  We have over 100 animals in our program at any time, and have an active outreach program.

OOTW Volunteers have assisted in several hoarding situations, and are presently working a hoarding situation with over 69 cats and kittens and a woman in Perry County who has over 60 dogs. Our volunteers have worked in less-than-ideal situations wherein fearful animals had to be trapped to be rescued. We work with pet owners to make their pet’s life better, by supplying housing for the animal, trolley lines, fencing, etc.

HuckOur group also works with rescue groups in the northeastern part of the United States, sending them many rescued dogs and puppies from our area as the homeless population in the northeast is not nearly as great as it is here in Arkansas.  The animals we send to this area are already adopted and the new family is waiting on the transport to arrive to pick up their new pet!  It is a very rewarding part of our program.

OOTW also has a SNiP Program which assists low-income families with spay or neuter expenses to further slow the overpopulation problem in the state of Arkansas.  Family pets can be sterilized at a reduced cost or at times, no cost.

There are many opportunities for people to get involved with OOTW to support our efforts. If you would like to volunteer, foster, adopt or donate, please visit our website at

Kathy Woods, President & Founder, Out Of The Woods Animal Rescue of Arkansas