Help The Rep’s Young Artists Fundraiser with Brighton Collectables Rank #1 Nationally


Please bring a copy of this invitation with you to the party!

You are invited for a private party at the Brighton Collectables store in the Midtown Shopping Center in Little Rock (203 N. University Ave.) this Sunday, July 28th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. You will need to bring a copy of this invitation to get into this private event. All patrons, friends, and supporters of The Rep are invited!

There will be refreshments and special performances by Mark Binns and several SMTI alumni, including a special performance of a song from The Young Artists’ original musical Project elan. SMTI will receive 20% of all sales during this party. (It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping!)

This year, The Rep’s Young Artists’ Fundraiser is listed in the top three for  national fundraisers with Brighton Collectables. We invite you to support The Rep’s Young Artists and help them become the top selling fundraiser with Brighton Collectables. 


American I.D. bracelet from Brighton Collectables


In addition to the contributions from the party, for each Independence Charm Holder Bracelet and Americana I.D. Bracelet sold through the month of July at Brighton Collectables in the Midtown Shopping center will contribute 50% of the retail cost to support young artists.

Please stop by and show your support for The Young Artists at The Rep! We look forward to seeing you. For more information about the fundraiser and to RSVP to the event, please email Pamela McKinnis at

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