Singin’ on a Star: Meet Mary Katelin Ward

“I feel like, without a dream, you don’t really have a journey in life. If you don’t really have a destination, what are you working towards? Since the first time I stepped on stage, I’ve known this is what I want to do.”

– Mary Katelin Ward, Cast Member, Singin’ on a Star, Fall 2012

This year’s Young Artists’ Production, an annual performance by The Rep’s SMTI (Summer Musical Theatre Intensive) program, is all about the actor’s journey from stardust to stardom.

Take a never-before-seen glimpse into the personal stories and real-life experiences of actors as they face overwhelming odds and exhilarating opportunities on their path to success. Follow Mary Katelin and The Rep’s Young Artists as they chase big dreams Oct. 24 – Nov. 3 at The Rep.

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